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I hope all your celebrations over Christmas were filled with much joy and blessings.

Jesus The Son of God was born on Christmas morn.  Love touched upon our world that very special day.  God is Love.  Jesus is love.

A new year has begun. 2016.  What is this year going to bring us?  Are we going to better our lives?  When opportunities come your way are you going to say yes?  I wonder what the political landscape in our country is going to look like.  Are we going to work on our interior lives?

May God guide each of your personal journeys in 2016.


Happy New Year!!





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Kevin and I have been blessed abundantly this Christmas season. We are extremely grateful to everyone who made this an incredibly fantastic holiday for us.

Due to my health issues and my inability to work at the present time we have been struggling financially. Our church gave us a few presents and a group of parishioners from church gave us an immensely generous monetary gift.  Plus, yesterday we received an extraordinary gift from two of my Aunts.

A few of my doctors suggested that I exercise. I thought about it and explained to the docs that since it is cold outside there is no way I could be outside for more than 10 minutes and since we only have one car I don’t know how often I could make it to a gym. I know that the Wii has interactive sports games as well as fitness workouts so I asked if I got a Wii would that be good? They fully supported my idea of getting a Wii. I found a company where I was able to purchase the Wii and make payments over time. The games on the Wii are awesome! I love playing the games!

The Lord has indeed blessed Kevin and I.  As we celebrate Jesus’ birth let us remember to keep Jesus alive in our hearts all year through.

I hope each of you had a blessed and very Merry Christmas. God Bless!


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merry Christmas

Teresa and I want to wish all the readers of our blogs a very merry Christmas, and get this out to you before the day is over.  We are very grateful for our readers and fellow bloggers (especially fellow conservative bloggers), and we love all the positive feedback our work here generates.

We know you have heard it all before –  that True Meaning of Christmas stuff – but we keep hearing it because it bears repeating: the most important Christmas gift of all was Christ Himself, God’s ultimate gift to the world, His only Son.  I would like to add one more point, one often neglected.  I have gotten the impression over the years from those who reflect on the true meaning of Christmas think that it is about the moment when God became Incarnate, and that therefore the beginning of the Incarnation is what we are celebrating.  To those who are of that mind-set, it is worthwhile to remind you: the birth of Christ is not the beginning of the Incarnation.  The moment God became incarnate and took on human nature was celebrated by Catholics exactly nine months ago, and will celebrated again exactly three months from today: The Feast of the Annunciation!

Christ’s birth was not the beginning of His life as a man, a human being.    Human life begins at conception.  The nativity was the first moment that the Christ event became public.  It was the moment that God entered the larger human community as a fellow member.  Prior to that, throughout the pregnancy of the Blessed Mother, the Incarnation involved no one else as much as it involved the Virgin Mary.  God gave Christ to Mary first, and then, through Mary, to the rest of the world.  Or to put it another way, Our Lord Jesus is Himself the first Christmas gift which was given to us by God and the Blessed Virgin Mary, God’s Holy Mother.

Sic Deus Dilexit Mundum


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From Hymnary. org:

John Francis Wade (1711 – 16 August 1786) was an English hymnist who is credited with writing and composing the hymn “Adeste Fideles” (which was later translated to “O Come All Ye Faithful”).

Born either in England or in Douai, France, Wade fled to France after the Jacobite rising of 1745 was crushed. As a Catholic layman, he lived with exiled English Catholics in France for the rest of his life. There, he taught music and worked on church music for private use.

Jacobite symbolism
Professor Bennett Zon, Head of the Department of Music at Durham University, has noted that Wade’s Roman Catholic liturgical books were often decorated with Jacobite floral imagery, and argued that the texts had coded Jacobite meanings. Zon describes the hymn “Adeste Fideles” as a birth ode to Bonnie Prince Charlie replete with secret references decipherable by the “faithful”: the followers of the Pretender, James Francis Edward Stuart.

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Before I left to visit my parents over for Thanksgiving I started having GI problems. They became a bit worse while I was away visiting family.  When I got back I started having more pain in my abdomen and pelvic region so I made an appointment with my doctor.  He examined me and said that I have an infection. It might be a result from the surgery. Not sure about that though. Plus I think I’m catching my mom’s cold. My doc told me to rest over the weekend. I have been following my doctor’s orders and taking the medicine but I honestly am not sure whether the medicine is helping or not because I still feel just as bad as I did on Friday.  I have two other doctor appointments, actually prescheduled from a month ago, but I hope that between the three of them they can figure this thing out and help me to feel better again soon.   I plan on watching the Steelers game today while I rest. Here are some links that I recommend you visit.

Loopyloo’s Blog – Refiner’s Fire and “This Baby”: Steven Curtis Chapman

The Blogging Thing – Freedom – But Still Bound? 

Catholic Bandita – Video: Advent in 2 Minutes – But Don’t Forget The Repentance 

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Happy New Year!

Gracie’s Quest – Truth About Government…  

Bunkerville – Tribute To The Heroes of Benghazi – “High on a Mountaintop” 

Peanut Gallery – Christmas Carols: Angels We Have Heard On High 

Always Catholic – Let’s Do Ember Days … Why Not? 

Citizen Tom – What Does The Bible Say About Abortion? – Part 2 

8 Kids And A Business – The Duty Of The Moment 

Here are a few songs:








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